THE Employer
DSJ Global, part of the Phaidon International Group, are a specialist recruiter in end-to-end supply chain and procurement.  
The Brief
In 2020, with the pandemic impacting the job market, DSJ Global created the Job Confidence Report. A report that would ask workers in the end-to-end supply chain and procurement industries about how they felt about the job market, how confident they were in staying in their position and how quickly they think they could find a new role. My role was to design the report and all marketing assets that went with it.
The Solution
I designed the report’s layout, made it easy to read and highlighted the important figures using graphs and pull-out quotes. To break it out, I used vector illustrations found on stock imagery and modified them. I also created all marketing assets that went with it, such as website imagery, PR imagery and social assets.
Employed work at Phaidon International