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Aperol is a bright orange, bittersweet apéritif liqueur best known as the star ingredient of a popular cocktail, the Aperol Spritz.
Future Men is a multi-award-winning specialist charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men, whilst addressing the stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it means to be a man.
When I was a full-time cocktail bartender, I would regularly encounter men who’d ask if a cocktail is girly depending on the shape of the glass and the colour of the drink, if so, proclaim that they wanted a manly drink in a manly glass.
In November 2022, the Future Men charity released its Future Men Survey 2023, and it revealed that:
- 52% of men in the UK feel pressured by society’s expectations of them, and that 40% suffer from anxiety as a result. 
- 51% of young men believe that society expects them to “man up” when faced with challenges.
- A third (34%) of men under 35 feel that struggling with mental health makes them less masculine.
The Solution
The Aperol Brotherhood is a campaign that challenges the meaning of manhood by creating a community to talk, share and listen to speakers all while learning cocktail making and sharing a drink.
The visual language is inspired by Art Deco and the use of vibrant colours. It uses merchandise such as T-shirts and bar coasters as well as posters in bus stops and the Underground to attract people to the website with a friendly voice. The website would have information about the campaign and events, several video talks from guest speakers and a variety of cocktail recipes using Aperol.
Personal Work